Life’s Transitions

Older man in a blue shirt

What happens next?

Nothing can truly prepare us emotionally for the loss of a loved one; knowing that you have plans in place will help you cope with what comes next.

For most of us facing one’s mortality isn’t easy, but what we do want to be sure of is that those who survive us aren’t overwhelmed by the practical matters that need to be addressed when tragedy occurs and that they are taken care of financially. We work with you every step of the way to smooth the path and make sure that your financial needs are revisited and adjusted accordingly.

Decisions and Actions to take include

  • Confirming final arrangements and if not pre-planned, determine how you’ll pay for them.
  • Coordinate with your team of professional advisors on legal, financial and estate matters.
  • Applying for survivor CPP, OAS, pension and insurance benefits.
  • Arrange for cash flow and income to ensure expenses continue to be covered.
  • Update titles on accounts and tangible property. Notify creditors and close necessary accounts. Locate insurance policies and file claims as needed.
  • Settle the estate and work through any inheritance decisions.