Three retired photos with image of Heather Aked on top

Retirement is a full and active part of your life.

Heather’s Mom is lucky. She has support, financial advice and expertise from her daughter to stay independent and comfortable. You can too.

When it comes time for the next journey to begin, Heather and her team will be there to help you continue planning your future.

Retirement is just around the corner, you’ve dreamed about this next stage in your life, but as it draws closer you’ve begun to ask yourself “am I really ready?”. Being prepared, emotionally, financially and physically, will set the stage for an independent, secure and fulfilling retirement life. Now is time to take a step forward and assess what retirement means to you and what it’s going to look like in both the short and long-term.

You can plan for independence and security – when you know your options.

Planning is the key, as retirement doesn’t just happen. You’ll need to consider things such as eliminating your debt obligations, lines of credit and mortgage, establishing an emergency fund, examining tax strategies, cash flow planning and health insurance, to name a few. How are you set up to transition into retirement – will it be a rough ride or smooth sailing?

We’re each in our own way different; having a financial plan that’s customized to your specific circumstance ensures that you stay focused and on track. Ultimately, a financial program will help mitigate the potential for financial hardship by addressing issues such as an unexpected health event or outliving your savings.